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Definitely my largest project to date that has spanned over multiple years - Freebird is Sardar Ji (Sikh) themed fitness club started by personal training duo and brothers Coolwinder and Gursewak.

A first met Coolwinder when he was opening his first gym - small personal training gym during the pandemic.

Their business grew rapidly due to their commitment, dedication and high energy (as well as delivering stellar results to their clients), and late into 2022 I was called to start a massive Gym with some of my largest murals to date.


Construction has many delays and the second gym was being built for approximately a year. During that time I ended up painting another personal training gym for Coolwinder and Gursewak, as they needed more space for more clients and more trainers.

Fast forward another year and I returned to the newly opened, largest gym in Mississauga to create more high-energy murals.

It might be a while before I tackle another project for these two, but rest assured I'm looking forward to it.

The most definitive mural of any of the 3 locations


A little time-lapse for my latest mural at Freebird

A brief timeline of events...

2021     The original location

The first mural of the owners flexing


The second takes on more of a Khalsa theme

2023   The third location (a bigger personal training facility)


A mural featuring Sikh

warrior Hari Nalwa Singh

fighting a lion

Above the dumbbells rests a rather

large mural inspired by the

warriorsfrom the first location...


2022 - 2024     Mississauga's largest Fitness Facility


The Main Attraction...Coolwinder never requires designs, he insists I do it Dil Se - I envisioned a Bollywood-style action movie poster albeit with Sikh figures


The Traditional Khalsa weapons installed above

The original Khalsa Flag


Over 50 ft of warriors - my largest yet (notice I said yet)...


Coolwinder's Favorite

Singh/ Kaur 

Singh = Male warrior

Kaur = Female warrior

Ads found in comic books and movie posters

were the design inspiration for this.


Legendary Warrior Baba Deep Singh Ji

Despite their expression I made it out unscathed.

Due take note of the Khalsa emblem affixed to the

Turban fabric used on this piece. Just one more way

to make these portraits magic.

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