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Curryish Tavern

Not a long or in depth post - but a great concept and well executed piece of art in my humble opinion.


An abstract buddha-esque figure commissioned by your contractor buddy Mr. Lagan Ji, and sent over to me to be painted on panels prior to installation at its final destination. In the words of the owner whom the buddha was requested for, the artwork sums up the essence of the restaurant:

Creating new traditions

Inspired and unexpected

Creative freedom

Confident, stunning and simplicity

Humble and approachable

Adaptive to this beautiful country Canada. 🇨🇦

Yet true to our Indian heritage.

It also presents hands folded as a Namaste welcomes any and all guests into this inviting atmosphere.

What stood out to me upon completion - was how the jewels on hand seamlessly matched the color scheme provided to me. Light pink and cerulean blue jewels adding the perfect amount of contrast to the neutral grays and browns, while simultaneously enhancing the blues and pinks of the painting.

This video gives a better glimpse into the effectiveness of well placed jewels

Looking to enhance the atmosphere of your business, home or office? Drop david ji a line anytime.

Until we meet again,

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