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Ancient China Meets Modern India

I'd like to introduce you to what I consider the first piece of art I've created - the 40 ft mural for the Hakkalicious franchise:

An Indian larkhi painted in the 16 - 17th century Mughal style, playing a sitar adorned with real desi fabric and jewels, atop a Chinese Dragon covered in sequins and gold-plated metals. Let's not forget the mountains in the back inspired by 17th century Japanese ink paintings and China's very own Huan Shan mountains.

The Magic of the sequins and fabrics at work

Possibly More interesting than the actual art itself - is the concept behind it. Inspired by an illustrated manuscript of Bahar-I-Danish (Springtime of Knowledge). A collection of Desi love tales centering around the romance of Jahandar Sultan and Bahravar Banu, written by Sheikh 'Inayatallah Kanbu' of Delhi in 1651.

An illustrated version of these tales believed to originate in the 1790's recently found its way to Sotheby's in London in 2014. An illustration of the Merchant's daughter served as the basis for the Hakkalicious mural.

Illustration of 'The Merchant's Daughter'

As I previously said, I feel this was the first time I've actually created a genuine piece of art. My Pasoori mural was the first time I feel I imbued a 'touch-of-soul' into a work -but that's a story for another time.

Abhi ke liye, let's just enjoy the successful fusion of two of the world's oldest cultures into an awe inspiring mural for my favorite Hakka franchise.


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