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Fun, ridiculous, memorable, iconic - how else would you describe Cholay?

Another concept from the team at Wizcraft Design - Cholay was a play on the iconic Bollywood movie Sholay starring the one and only Amitabh Bachchan.

Can you guess what the word play was on?

Full view of Cholay!

Cholay! detail

If you guessed Chole Bhature - than ji, you guessed right, a mix of the iconic movie and the popular North Indian dish. Since this blog dives a bit into the concept and ideas behind the art let me explain to mere non desi readers just what Chole Bhature is:

a combination of Chana Masala (spicy white chick peas) and bhatura/puri

(deep fried maida bread). Though traditionally viewed as a Punjabi dish,

Chole Bhature is believed to originate from Delhi or Utter Pradesh

Chole Bhature

I don't feel this post would be complete without providing some samples of the original Sholay posters that inspired this mural:

Some original 1975 promotional movie posters

Some original 1975 promotional movie posters

Abhi ke liye, mainne kaafi kaha hai. If you're interested in checking out Cholay! in person, visit the Royal Paan/Punjaabi in Windsor Ontario.

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