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Fists and Feet of Fury

A previous gym (Platinum BJJ in London, ON) led to a great relationship with the warriors at Spartan Striking Academy. The first mural in London led to a call from Michael 'The Spartan' Fitzpatrick - the MTBLA world champion of Muay Thai, and a request for me to come down and work my magic at his gym's new location in Markham, ON.

The original mural at Spartan Striking Academy

This logo served as the base for all 3 murals

Everyone was so pleased, that Mike's sister gym Platinum BJJ in London called a few days later asking for me to replicate the art at their location.

A time-lapse of me replicating the mural I did at SSA in Markham for Platinum BJJ in London

Not long after recreating the mural in London, I received a surprise call from Mike's mom. She wanted to honor her son's success with a similar mural that pays homage to the Judo training offered at his new facility.

A gift to Mike from his mom, this mural was designed by me to be in the same vein as the original

If you're curious to learn more about the gym, Muay Thai or Mike's journey to become world champion - then I suggest watching this podcast:

Mike's Journey

Hopefully in the not too distant future I'll be back to add something interesting - perhaps another fight scene or maybe even a buddha or something representing Thai culture.

Abhi ke liye - who knows...

Until next time,

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