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He Shoots, He Scores!

Up next we have WOW Wing Shelburne - the restaurant itself is part of a Sri Lankan chicken wing franchise. The concept for the previous shops revolves around Toronto and its 4 major athletic teams:

Maple Leafs



Blue Jays

You can see how my vision properly executed - really brings the teams to life

The owner wanted to do something wild and different, but had to adhere to the Toronto theme as it's a franchise. Regardless it turned out quite well as he let me create the vision I had in my mind upon meeting in person on site. By mixing the original logo designs with some realistic elements, the wall itself comes to life (not to mention the jewels on the raptor).

Below is the original image he requested after a few rough mockups were sent back and forth. A good starting point for a Toronto theme, but lacking true artistic quality - and I couldn't have that.

A good starting point, but a bit dull for someone of my skills

Regardless of how bland a project may seem at first, there is always a way to bring it to life and engage your viewers. A little bit of imagination, some creativity and custom jewels shipped from China - always do the trick.

Looking to spice up your shop? Drop my a line anytime and we can figure out a way.

Until next time,

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