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The Art of david anthony

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

The magic behind the mural - welcome to the world of David Anthony

Welcome readers to the blog of David Anthony - muralist, illustrator, and man of mystery. Across this blog you will catch a glimpse of my travels and gain insight into the inspiration and creative process behind some of my most engaging and dynamic artworks.

Though my specialty is South Asian art, I will occasionally share with you works from the West Indies, West Africa, East Asia and other other alluring parts of our world.

West to East - the only way to travel.

Besides behind the scenes posts, in the future you will be able to find on here:

How to Guides

Links to Downloadable Content

PDF's of Published Material

Coloring Books & Similar Content

Farwell for Now

From west to east, join me as we explore cultural nuances around the globe and how it the inspire the most breath taking works of art.

Check back regularly for updates and don't forget to follow me on instagram.

Talk Soon.

- david anthony

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