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'Cool'winder as I call him, he and his brother were introduced to me by our mutual Gujarati friend Sacchin Ji of Chai Naka fame. As competitive bodybuilders and powerlifters, they had recently purchased a small gym in Brampton to expand their personal training business and wanted to give it a Khalsa warrior theme.

The first thing painted was a picture of them flexing on the back wall:

The only known picture where David Ji is not goofy looking

The next piece had no preliminary work at all - mere dost 'Cool'winder called me and said he wanted a Khalsa themed mural approximately 5 X 8 ft on a wall. The figures depicted were inspired by the 18th - 19th century warriors Rani Sada Kaur and Ranjit Singh, also known as Sher-e-Punjab (Lion of Punjab). Fighting side by side reflects the history the two shared together and their 1799 siege of Lahore in attempts to seize control of the Punjab.

Superhero like figures inspired by Ranjit Singh and Rani Sada Kaur complete

with lightening and Khalsa attire

Depiction of Rani Sada Kaur against Mughals at the Battle Muktsar

After a very long delay, these fearless brothers have finally secured a much larger location in Mississauga - nearly 22,000 sq ft! Check back in the not too distant future for some very intense Khalsa murals and a tribute to the late Sidhu Moose Wala.

The next location will be added in numerous posts, and will feature a bit more of the history that defines the Sikhs, their faith and the Khalsa so stay tuned!

Until we meet again,

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