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Afrolicious is a restaurant that focuses on Kenyan cuisine. The concept behind the artwork was to emphasis the role women play in food and cooking in traditional East African culture. Fetching water, gathering ingredients, the process of cooking itself - these tasks tend to fall on the women of each village.

The main mural features a Serengeti like backdrop, realistic portraits of East African women, as well as women painted in a traditional East African art style. Cultural patterns also frame the main wall.

Besides the center piece, custom panels were created for the bathroom hall -

with a large focus placed on highlighting the nomadic Maasai people who

inhabit the areas around the African Great Lakes.

At the bottom of this page you can find the concept art produced for the main wall, the final design was a combination of the two designs.


A few of the custom panels created for the lavatory hallway.


Real photograph of nomadic Maasai peoples.


Design concept A

Design concept B

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